Whether you consider yourself a five star chef or a complete amateur when it comes to cooking, one thing is for certain — you’re going to produce a lot of unwanted odors. Sure, when you’re cooking, it’s nice to know your food smells good, but if the smell of food is lingering for several days to a week, it can start to become a real nuisance. In this blog, we’re going to talk about a couple ways you can eliminate these odors without dropping hundreds on cleaning supplies.

Clean Dishes Immediately

If you just cooked something stinky, your first reaction should be to immediately clean up and put away your dishes. Typically, anything involving fish or lots of spices is going to give off a stronger odor and most likely linger longer than other foods. Plan on cleaning these immediately or getting them inside the dishwasher rather than leaving them overnight.

Clean Your Work Area

Although you may not have spilled anything per se, foods with strong odors will definitely soak into surrounding countertops, cupboards, and the stove. It never hurts to clean everything down with a nice smelling cleaning product.

Store Your Leftovers

If you have leftovers, make sure you’re not just throwing them on a plate and sticking them in the fridge. Instead, put them in a plastic container and put seran wrap around that to keep a lot of the odor in. Many people leave their fridges smelling like garbage for months or years which will eventually begin to stink up your whole kitchen.  

Take Out The Trash

Leaving a leftover meal in the trash for several days is enough to stink up the whole kitchen, and trust us, it’s not going to smell like when you cooked it, it’ll be much worse! Scented trash bags can help but you’ll still want to take it out as soon as possible.

Clean Your Disposal

Many people don’t realize that the awful smell in their kitchen is actually coming from their garbage disposal. Over time, food can get stuck in there and not drain the way it’s supposed to. Don’t go sticking your hand in there to try to clean it out! There are many ways to do this, however, one simple way is to fill up your sink with water then squirt some dish soap in it. Once that’s done you can turn on the disposal and hopefully the majority of the smell will go away. If that doesn’t work, try grinding up some ice and lemon in the disposal, this will knock off some of the gunk on the blades and give it a nice smell.

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