A lot of people dread having to drop what they’re doing and vacuum. Depending on the size of your home, apartment, townhome, or wherever you live, vacuuming could mean very different things. If you have a thick carpet, vacuuming could be a pain, whereas if your carpet is thin, vacuuming might be a bit easier of a chore. Either way, vacuuming can be time-consuming so it’s best to understand some things that can save you time if you want to get back to what you were doing. As always, contact Superior Cleaning And Janitorial if you’d like your carpets to be professionally cleaned.

Declutter The Area Beforehand

If you want to save time on vacuuming, be sure to declutter the area you’re vacuuming beforehand. Think about it, if you start vacuuming when the area is a mess, you’re going to be spending a lot of time stopping, turning off the vacuum and going to move those things. If you had moved them all at once, you’d be saving yourself a lot of time. And of course, make sure you’re dusting your upholstery before you vacuum to avoid having to go over it twice.

Clean The Vacuum

There’s no sense in using a vacuum that’s not cleaned first. If you’re using a dirty vacuum to clean up your home, it’s only going to be spitting up things that you’ve already picked up and you’ll be wasting your time. Take the time to empty the filter and ensure that it’s operating the way it should.

Use The Hose

The hose on the vacuum is there for a reason and it can be very helpful in certain situations. Use it to clean out the corner of the room or other areas that the main part of the vacuum can’t reach.

Vacuum Often

It’s better to vacuum more frequently than to let dust and dirt pile up. If you do this, chances are your vacuum won’t be able to pick anything up or it’ll become clogged. Vacuuming more frequently will save you time in the long run.

Know What Works

Have you ever started to vacuum only to realize that the vacuum wasn’t picking anything up? Sometimes you’ll run into stubborn dirt or dust that just can’t be picked up by the vacuuming. If this happens, don’t waste time going over and over the spot in hopes that it will work. Instead, try a different method.

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