Let’s face it, most people don’t like cleaning. To most, it just feels like a chore and it usually ends up taking a lot more of people’s’ time than they expect. However, a lot of the outdoor cleaning work that we do could be eliminated with a simple pressure washing. But what is a pressure washer exactly? A pressure washer is a high-pressure water spraying device that’s designed to clean stubborn dirt or grime off of certain surfaces. Many pressure washers can also heat the water so that it can break down grime more easily. Most people think pressure washing is just for sidewalks, but there are so many more uses for a pressure washer. Keep reading to learn more.


Have you ever forgot to clean your grill after a backyard BBQ or party? After a couple days you’ll have a bunch of grime buildup on your grill that can’t be removed with a grill cleaner or regular water hose. A quick pressure washing will bust up that grime and have you ready for your next day of grilling.


It’s not uncommon for yard furniture to get dirty, especially if it’s left out during a storm or left in an area with a lot of mud or dirt. If your furniture is made of a durable material like metal, you can go over it with a pressure washer to remove the majority of the dirt and mud.


Want to save yourself a trip to the car wash? Pressure washing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to wash down a car, especially when it comes to stubborn dirt that doesn’t seem to come off otherwise. Another reason to use a pressure washer on your car is that you can get those hard to reach areas under the car with ease.

Siding / Windows

Have you noticed the side of your home is looking a little dirty lately? Our homes are designed to stand up against the most extreme weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get dirty in the process. Try pressure washing your siding and make your home look as good as new.

Pressure washing your windows is also an option. If you’re worried that the high pressure will damage your windows, the pressure washer can always be set to a lower pressure setting so that you can still get the grime off without your home taking collateral damage.

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