Do you run a business? Have you either left cleaning duties up to your employees or worked with an unreliable cleaning company in the past? These are common issues small and large businesses alike face at one point or another. But there’s a lot more to commercial cleaning services than meets the eye. In this blog, we’re going to talk about commercial cleaning, and why it’s important to find the right cleaning company for your business.

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First impressions

Let’s be honest here, first impressions are very important. Think back to a time before you were a business owner. Chances are, when you were applying for jobs, you wanted to have the best first impression as possible on employers so that you could lock down a career and move up in the company. Although you’re an employer now instead of an employee, this concept hasn’t really changed. As an employer, you should be just as concerned about the first impression you’re having on your employees.

One thing that many employers talk about nowadays is this idea of “high turnover rates.” Hiring employees can be stressful enough as it is, but when it comes to high turnover rates, you could be stuck in an endless loop of hiring because people are leaving at a faster rate than they’re getting hired. The problem is, we tend to think of high turnover as only being a problem in the fast food industry or in minimum wage jobs. Although this is certainly where high turnover is the biggest problem, it can also be a problem throughout various industries and all levels of a company.

So how can you bring this turnover rate down? Although company culture, benefits, and pay play a major role in keeping turnover rates down, another thing that can improve it is simply the first impressions you have on new employees. If your office is disorganized, messy, and dirty, employees are less likely to stay with your company for very long. Think about it — would you want to work for a company that expects you to clean the office regularly, even when you have so many other things to be doing? Or would you want to work in a building that always smells like the tuna your coworker cooks every day? Chances are, you answered no to these questions so contact a dependable cleaning company and see your turnover rate reduce significantly.

Healthy workplace

When it comes to commercial cleaning, healthy is always a top priority for business owners and cleaning companies alike. Commercial cleaning differs from residential cleaning in several ways. First of all, a lot more people go through offices on a daily basis meaning there are more germs being passed around. Since your employees probably don’t take their shoes off before entering the office, each employee is also tracking in a lot more allergens and other harmful contaminants whereas in a home, those things are left at the door. These contaminants will get stuck in the carpet and be recirculated through the office’s HVAC system. Commercial cleaning companies will keep this at bay and prevent your office from becoming an unhealthy place to work. Believe us, your employees will thank you if you take the care to improve the health and safety of the office they work in every day.

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